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                                   Ayato Sakamaki Route

                         Episode 2: Sayako is a maid and Ayato is a waiter

In Ayato's bedroom...

I woke up as get off his bed when I went out of his room without Ayato wake him up.. I went downstairs, of course there Laito, Kanato, Shu, Reiji and Subaru still here when they looked at me as I walked out the mansion.

At the sight-seeing...

I walking by myself as I spotted the Maid Café.

Sayako: "I wonder someone got a hired."

I walk into the Maid Café when...

Manager: "Hm? Sayako!"

Sayako: "Manager!?"

I run toward at him and hugged him gentle when he hugged me with his arms.

Manager: "I am so glad you're okay, Sayako.. it's time for work. Here you go."

My manager gave me a red maid uniform dress as I took it when I go to the locker room so I get change it.

In the hours..

I wear red maid uniform, white maid headband and red heels when I walked out the locker room as I sighs, but...

???: "Honey.. who told you to leave.."

I squeak as kawaii sound when look around because I hear a voice. But someone chuckle evil sound, just then I felt someone  hugged me.

Sayako: "Ah."

I turn my head..

Sayako: "A-Ayato!?"

It was Ayato because who hugged me when I was in the locker room.

Sayako: "L-Let me go... I-I have to get back the work."

Ayato widen his eyes when he heard of my kawaii voice, but then...

Sayako: "Ah!"

I jolted when he pushed me against the wall when he kisses me.

Sayako: "Mm!"

Ayato kissing me passionate as I felt weak when I gasp escape away from my mouth, he smirked as evil when he licked my neck gentle and bite my neck.

Sayako: "Ah!"

Ayato: "Mm.."

Ayato suck my blood gentle as I hold his head with my hand. He pulled his fangs away from my neck then he lick the blood off on my bite mark with my neck as when I breathing softly. Ayato lift me up on my chin with his finger when he kissing me passionate.

Sayako: "A-Ayato."

Ayato: "Ahh.."

Ayato pulled his lips away from mine when he looked at me and he spoked.

Ayato: "Honey.. why are you wearing?"

I blushes when I spoke as kawaii voice.

Sayako: "T-Truth is... my manager and I were work here in the café, s-so.. he want me to help."

Ayato: "Then let me..."

Sayako: "W-What? B-But you can't."

Ayato: "Trust me, Honey... I won't let those men will touch you."

Sayako: "A-A-Ayato..."

Ayato took my hand as we went out the locker room but... my manager wide his eyes as shocked.

Manager: "Sayako! Who is that!"

Sayako: "T-This is my darling... Ayato Sakamaki."

Manager: "Unbelievable!? You and your boyfriend are dating!"

Sayako: "B-Boyfriend!?"

I felt blushes beet red.

Ayato: "Oi... you should not get shocked."

Manager: "Oops sorry, I'll get you a waiter uniform."

Ayato: "Honey, should I get work in here?"

Sayako: "Y-Yes."

My manager came back as he holds the male waiter uniform when he gave to Ayato. Ayato went to the male locker room when he get change.

Ding Ding...

I hear the door are open as I turn around when I see alot costumers came in the maid café when they was sitting down on the chairs. My manager was gave the menus for everyone when he looked at me as he nodded his head, but.. I heard he call out of me.

Ayato: "Hey honey."

Sayako: "Hm?"

I turn around when I widen my eyes because I see Ayato wear waiter uniform, but of course my cheeks turned beet red. Ayato noticed me when he evil grin at me because I looked away as my heart are pounding so fast.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.. y-your face are evil?"

Ayato: "Am I?"

Ayato approach me fast when he push his hand on my back to close at him.

Sayako: "Wha!? A-Ayato!?"

Manager: "Hahaha, looks like Ayato want you, Sayako."

Sayako: "W-What! W-Wait, we have to get to work!"

Ayato chuckle when he let me go with his hand away from my back and I sighed relief. Ayato went to the first table is couple costumers.

Ayato: "May I take your order?"

Lady 1st: "O-Oh.. um.. I would like curry rice."

I can see she blushes... I don't why I felt down but I see the man was glare at him when he look at me as eyes meet because.. he winked at me. Of course I roll my eyes at him when I call out of him.

Sayako: "Ayato-darling."

I felt the woman glare at me when I walked at him with Ayato because I glare at the woman.

Sayako: "Stay away from my Ayato lover, you have with your boyfriend. If you flirt my Ayato, I will tell your boyfriend will break up."

1st Lady: "….!?"

She widen her eyes when she look at her boyfriend, he nodded his head.

1st Man: "It's true.. you really like him.."

He look away from his girlfriend as upset.

1st Lady: "Oh dear... I'm really sorry.."

1st Man: "No sweetie.. it's alright, but this time.."

He looked at him and then... he open the box to show her with engagement ring.

1st Man: "My dear.. would you married me."

1st Lady: "Oh darling!? Yes, I do married you!?"

Everyone applause as clapped, of course Ayato saw me when I was blushes. Ayato pulled my arm to go the locker room.

Sayako: "Ah."

Ayato pushes me gentle against the wall as I gasped when he kisses me.

Sayako: "Mmn.."

I close my eyes when he continue kisses me passionate as I wrapped around his neck with my arms gentle and he place his hands on my waists to pull me close to him.

Sayako: "Oh.."

Ayato: "Honey..."

I look at him as eyes met when he spoke.

Ayato: "You saw engagement ring, do you Honey?"

Sayako: "Ah."

I blink my eyes when I heard Ayato said...

Sayako: "Y-Yes.. I saw engagement ring at store... I think marriage are nice and the wedding dresses are pretty."

Ayato: "You want it, don't you?"

I blushes beet red as my cheeks but...

Sayako: "Ack!?"

I jolet as startled because Ayato was touching breast with his hand when I move away from him quickly.

Sayako: "A-A-A-Ayato!?"

Ayato bust of laughing when I cover myself with my arms.

Ayato: "Haha, now now Honey. But I guess you look sexy when you wear a maid uniform."

Sayako: "….!?"

I gasps as felt my cheeks turned bright red as blushes.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.."

Ayato: "Hush.."

Sayako: "Ah..."

Ayato pull my top down with his hand as he pull me close to him with his other hand on my back again when he licked upper my breast as I gasp.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.. n-not now..."

Ayato: "Your face are red, Honey."

Sayako: "Ah Ayato.."

Ayato: "N..!"

I gasp when Ayato started bite my upper breast and he suck my blood as I placed my hands on his shoulders gentle.

In the minutes hours...

Ayato pull his fangs away from my upper breast when he looked me because he saw my cheeks turned red.

Ayato: "Honey... one day of soon.. I'm going to make you to be my wife and love."

Sayako: "H-Huh.."

I felt my heart are pounding and my cheeks turned red.

Sayako: "Ayato.. I'm really happy.."

Ayato smiled as then he kissed me and we went out the locker room because we holding their hand when I pulled my top up. I can see everyone stare at us because I felt shy when Ayato spoked.

Ayato: "Ladies... you can not flirt at me. Because this woman... is my Honey."

I felt Ayato's hand on my shoulder when he pulled me close to him and I see all ladies was stare at me but of course I will spoke..

Sayako: "A-Ayato is right... He's mine and Ayato belong to me."

I can see the women are shocked and jealous, but I hear Ayato smirked.

Sayako: "A-Ayato!?"

Ayato: "Honey, look at those men was jealous because they saw bite mark on your chest."

Sayako: "W-What!?"

I felt blushes turned red when I saw the men was jealous and gloom..

Sayako: "A-Ayato!?"

Ayato smirked and laughed when he lift my chin up with his finger and kissing me on the lips infront everyone.

Sayako: "…!?"


I felt my cheeks turned red as my heart are raced after we busy order for costumers.

The next of night..

I wear female school uniform when we go in the limousine, Ayato was looked at me when he spoke.

Ayato: "Honey.."

Sayako: "Y-Yes!"

I startled because Laito, Kanato, Shu, Reiji and Subaru was looked at me, of course Ayato was started laughing.

(S-Seriously Ayato!? Why are you do that!)

I pouted as my cheeks when...

Sayako: "Gah!?"

Ayato grab my chin with his hand when he narrow his eyes.

Ayato: "Don't make that face or I'll make you excited as punishment after school."

Sayako: "….!?"

(W-Where did he come from!?!?!)

I felt my cheeks as hot beet red when he grin as evil. After finish the classroom as I went to the rooftop before I look at the view, but..

Sayako: "Ack!?"

Ayato bust of laughing again when I turn around and glare at him.

Sayako: "W-Would you stop that!?"

Ayato: "Oh come on Honey!"

Ayato hugs me from behind when he whisper into my ear.

Ayato: "I want to see you to come to the hospital, my Honey."

He started licked my ear when I gasped and shudder as my body before he chuckle. Ayato runs his finger into my skirt.

Sayako: "A-Ayato, wait I thought you said sooner.."

Ayato: "Oh? You finally got me Honey."

Ayato chuckle.

(I have a bad feeling for this....)

To be continued....
Ayato Sakamaki Route Episode 2
Ayato Sakamaki Route Episode 1:…

Ayato Sakamaki Route Episode 2: (Here)

Ayato Sakamaki Route Episode 3: (Coming soon)

Be patient from the next episode~ <3

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Please patients <3
                              Ayato Sakamaki Route

                              Episode 1: Sleep with Ayato!?

Yui: "I'll let my step-sister Sayako to choice.."

Sayako: "Y-Yui!?"

Yui: "Sayako.. it's okay."

Sayako: "…."

I sighed when I look at the redd-ish brown hair boy, but of course his name is Ayato..

Sayako: "Redd-ish boy..."

Ayato evil grinned at me when suddenly...

Sayako: "Ack!?"

I jolted because he pulled me so quick!

Sayako: "W-What in the world are you doing!?"

Ayato: "Hehe.. you're cute, Honey."

Sayako: "Wha!? I-Idiot!"

I pushes him away from me so quickly when Ayato started laughed teasing.

Sayako: "Grrrr!?"

Reiko: "Sayako, calm down and let him do it."

I hear Reiko said as I sighed.

Sayako: "Fine.. what should I sleep with it.."

Ayato grinned.

Ayato: "Sleep.. with.. me."

I widen my eyes as shocked.

Sayako: "WHAT! NO!"

Saiko: "S-Sayako, calm down!"

Saiko hugged me as calm down when I deep breath.

Sayako: "Thanks Saiko.."

Yui sighed as relief.

Yui: "Are you feeling better, Sayako?"

I nodded my head when I spoked.

Sayako: "Yes.. I'm alright, but I accept with Ayato."

Ayato: "What a good girl as my Honey."

Ayato stroke me on my cheek with his finger, but I step back away from him so far away. But then... Ayato started bust out of laughing.

Ayato: "Hahahaha! Honey, why are you get away from me?"

I felt my heart started raced but of course... Ayato grinned at me when...

Sayako: "Kyaaa!?"

Ayato did it again when he approach at him and he pulled me close to him. Reiji sigh.

Reiji: "Ayato, you should not to be scared with her."

Ayato: "Yea, yea.. come on, Honey!"

Sayako: "W-What!?"

I jolted when Ayato grabbed me on the wrist to get pulled when we walked to the bedroom.

In Ayato's bedroom...

I gasped when he pushes me on his bed, because he close his door. Ayato approach at me as I startled when I looked away.

Sayako: "N-No.."

Ayato grabbed me on the chin with his hand as turn my face at him when I can't let fear as scared.

Ayato: "Hehe, you give me excited.. you're mine and I will give you pleasure sooner."

Ayato remove my hair away from my neck with his finger as then he licked my neck gentle when I gasped sound cute.

Sayako: "Ahh.. n-no.."

Ayato smirked as then... he started to bite me on the neck.

Sayako: "Ahh.."

I gasped sound cute when he chuckled as evil as then he drink my blood. Ayato widen his eyes when he let go his fangs away from my neck.

Ayato: "It's sweet..."

He looked at me as my cheeks turned beet red as blushes, again.. he chuckled when he leaned down close to my lips.

Sayako: "Ah, y-you can't- mm!"

I cuts off when he kisses me quickly as then he runs his hands against my hands.

Sayako: "Mmn.."

I can't let my cheeks started blushes because he kisses me passionate when I shut my eyes as then I let out gasped away from his lips act sound cute.

Ayato chuckled.

Ayato: "So cute.. my Honey."

Sayako: "Hyaa.."

I shudder when he licked my neck gentle away from the blood, but then, Ayato smiled.

Ayato: "Honey.. you really like my fangs, do you."

I gasp as blushes beet red, I knew it because Ayato still laughing.

Ayato: "I know you like it.. N!"

Sayako: "Ah!"

I felt he bite my neck again when I blushes bright red as then he drink my blood.

Sayako: "N-No.. s-stop.."

Ayato pulled his fangs away from my neck when he chuckled as then he licks his lips off the blood. But I breathe sound of noise are sweetness.

Ayato: "….Tch.. damn it!?"

Sayako: "Mmmn!?"

I felt Ayato's lips was kissing me as passionate.

Sayako: "N-No... if you try to kiss me, m-my.."

Ayato: "Hehe, your what Honey?"

Sayako: "S-Stop calling me and my tongue are melting!"

I looked away from him as then he rubs my thigh gentle with his hand soft.

Sayako: "Ah! N-No, not that!"

Ayato: "Hehe, you like it?"

I shudder when he keep rubbing my thigh gentle with his hand as I gasped.

Sayako: "N-No~"

Ayato chuckled when he stopped, he lay on his bed as then he pulled me close to him.

Sayako: "Wha! Y-You red-"

Ayato: "Call me, Ayato.. Honey."

I blushes when I spoked as cute to call him of his name.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.."

Ayato: "….!?"

Ayato pulled me as embraced and he kissed me passion.

Sayako: "M-Mmmn..!?"

I let out gasp escaped my mouth away from him, but Ayato chuckled.

Ayato: "So cute, my Honey."

Ayato continues kisses me again.

The next of school..
I wear uniform consists of the black school blazer with a black deep V-neck vest over a white button-up dress shirt with frills near the neckline, I has a white bow showing through the V of the vest and wears a red bow tied to my neck above the white bow as the bottom is the black uniform skirt that ends above my knees with a white petticoat underneath. I wears it with black knee socks and brown dress shoes. Of course I was in limousine when I see Sakamaki brothers are here, Ayato is sitting with me. But...

Sayako: "Kya!"

I startled because Ayato leaned close to me as he licks at me on the cheek.

Sayako: "A-Ayato, stop!"

Reiji close the book when he glare at his brother.

Reiji: "Ayato, you better not!"

Ayato: "Tch.. fine."

I shudder when I was feared, Reiji stare at me.

Reiji: "Sayako."

Reiji threw toward at me about something when I catch it. It's cranberry juice box.

Sayako: "U-Um thank you.."

Reiji: "Save for thanks, Sanako."

I nodded my head as when I started to drink some cranberry juice box.

In the classroom..

Reiji told me to go with Ayato in the classroom when I sigh as disappointed.

Sayako: "Huh?"

I see Ayato was laying down, I walked toward at him when I shook his body gentle with my hands.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.. wake up."

He didn't wake up as sleep and I sigh as when I leaned into his ear before I spoke cute of my voice.

Sayako: "Darling.. I'll make you some takoyaki."

Just then..

Ayato fall off the chair as he shocked when he glared at me, of course I bust of laughing.

Ayato: "Really, honey."

Sayako: "EEK!?"

I run off the classroom when I go to the cooking classroom as I was panting.

Sayako: "G-God.. what's up with my heart are racing..."

When I started cooking as making some takoyaki before it's done. But...

Sayako: "Wha!?"

I jolted when someone licked my neck as I shudder before I gasp sound cute.

Ayato: "Why are you run away from me, Honey?"

Sayako: "Kya! N-No..!?"

Ayato chuckle as he stroke my leg with his hand gentle when I shudder and moans.

Sayako: "S-Stop.. ngh.."

Ayato was untie the red bow as unbutton my shirt as he licks my neck gentle and then he bite my neck when I gasped. Ayato pushes me into the wall as he still bite me on the neck and he suck my blood.

Sayako: "A-Ayato.."

Just then..

Reiji: "Didn't I tell you about your Honey been fainted."

Ayato: "…."

Ayato was look at me when I fainted as he pull out his fangs away from my neck.

Ayato: "Honey.."

Sayako: "Mm.."

I open my eyes when I see Ayato was holding me with his arms gentle, but of course.. I felt blushes as beet red.

Ayato: "Sorry.. hang on, honey."

Sayako: "Ah."

Ayato lift me up with bride style when he take me out of the cooking classroom.

Sayako: "W-Wait!?"

Ayato: "Now what..."

Ayato stopped walking when he looked at me as I blushes.

Sayako: "W-Well.. I made this about your favorite.. but.. look behind you."

Ayato was turned around when he widen his eyes.

Ayato: "Honey... you.."

Ayato was looked at me when I was looked away from him quickly and blushes.

Ayato: "…"

Sayako: "…"

It was awkward silence...

After school

Ayato pushes me in his bed rough as I gasp.

Sayako: "A-Ayato- mm..!"

I cuts off because Ayato was kissing me so fast when he runs his fingers into under my shirt as hold my hips.

Sayako: "Mm.."

Ayato: "…"

Ayato pulled his lips away from mine when he licked his lips.

Ayato: "Sweet as your tongue, honey."

I blushes as beet red when I reaches my hands to touch his cheeks gentle soft.

Ayato: "Honey.."

Ayato leaned close at me when he pressed his lips against mine as kissed.

At dinnertime and in the dining room...

Ayato and his brother was eating some dinner but I saw the plate are fancy food. Ayato glance at me.

Ayato: "Honey, you never try it something to eat?"

I shook my head slowly.

Ayato: "Come on, you have to try it Honey."

I spotted Laito, Kanato, Shu, Reiji and Subaru was looked at me, but I looked at Ayato when I shook my head again because I can't.

Ayato: "Haha, come now you have to try it Honey."

Ayato smiled at me when I blushes beet red as I nodded my head. I look at the fancy food when I pick up the fork and I start to eat some fancy food.

Sayako: "…!?"

Ayato: "You like it, Honey?"

I nodded my head as excited but Ayato laughed softly when he patted my head with his hand.

Sayako: "…!?"

I look at him quickly when he kisses my forehead.

Ayato: "Come on Honey, finish eat and come to my room."

I nodded my head as embarrassed when I started finish up to eat as slowly softly.

After dinner...

When I went to Ayato's bedroom and...

Sayako: "Kyaa!?"

Ayato lift me up like a princess when he bust of laughing and he put me down on his bed. He approach infront of me when he kissed me as passionate and I wrapped around his neck with my arms. He goes down as he lick my neck gentle then he bite down on my neck with his fangs as I gasped and close my eyes, Ayato started to sucked my blood gentle.

Sayako: "Ah.. d-darling.."

Ayato widen his eyes as because I spoke as cute voice.

Ayato: "Honey.."

Sayako: "Ahn.."

Ayato was held me close to him as pressed his body against mine when he continue sucked my blood. I felt sleeping when I spoke.

Sayako: "A-Ayato, can you stop. I felt sleeping.."

Ayato pulled out of his fangs away from my neck when he chuckle.

Ayato: "Alright, alright Honey."

Ayato stroke my cheek with his finger gentle when I felt asleep.

Ayato: "Hehe, Honey.. don't make me as you are such a cute, I'm going to eat you up as soon."

Ayato smiled when he kisses me on the lips because I felt blushes.

To be continue....
                              Sakamaki Prologue
In the limousine..
The road to our new home was a long one as would have thought we would be moving somewhere far away from the church, Yui and her 6 step-sisters was looking at the window. Yui looks at her 6 step-sisters when she spoke.

Yui: "Are you feeling alright?"

Yui's 6 step-sisters look at Yui when they nodded their head as nervous, as suddenly the limousine arrived in the Sakamaki Mansion. Yui and her 6 step-sisters was get out the limousine before they taking out their luggage bag. They went to go inside Sakamaki Mansion.

In the Sakamaki Mansion...

Yui: "Eh.."

Yui glance at the boy was in the sofa, he is reddish-colored hair spiked at the ends, he also wears a black stud on his right ear and he is wear white shirt that has brown bordering the top and bottom of the shirt with a black leather jacket, he wear a red scarf around his neck and black jeans with a belt attached to both sides of his pants, one of his pants leg down and the other his leg back up. Yui walked toward at him as spoked.

Yui: "Um.. are you alright?"

Yui touch his hand which was on his chest, but she flinch and pulled her hand away as she gasped.

Yui: "A-Are you alright! H-He has no pulse..."

Yui take out her cell phone of her pocket when she try to call it, but then suddenly someone grabbed the cell phone away from Yui's hand when Yui looked at him.

???: "Damn, both of you are so noisy..."

He said harshly as he sat up on the turned to glared at her with those piercing green eyes.

???: "This isn't your house, so you better to be quiet."

Yui: "Y-You're alive?"

Yui felt relief as sigh.

The redd-ish brown hair boy raise his eyebrow as Yui said.

???: "Why wouldn't I be alive? What do you think I am?"

Yui: "Y-You just have no pulse, a-and you have heart stopped."

Yui try to get up but suddenly, the redd-ish brown boy grab her wrist with his hand was pulled onto the sofa.

Yui: "Kyaa! W-What are you doing!?"

???: "Yui!?"

The black hair girl run toward at them as she pushes the redd-ish brown hair boy away from her step-sister Yui when she protect her away from him. The redd-ish hair boy was glared at the black girl.

Yui: "S-Sayako, thank you for saving me."

The black hair girl as her brown eyes, name is Sayako Komori, she is sweet of precious with her step-sister Yui.

Sayako: "Yui, are you alright."

The redd-ish brown boy approach at Sayako when he grab her grabbed her wrist tightly.

Sayako: "O-Ow! W-What are you- Ah!?"

Sayako cuts off when she jolted as because he pulled her close to him and he put his other hand slide into her waist while she gasp as fear.

Sayako: "S-Stop!?"

The redd-ish brown boy was smirked at Sayako with his face are evil, but...

???: "Ayato, what's with all the commotion? And just what do you think you're doing."

Ayato frown when he look at that way.

Ayato: "Not you, Reiji..."

Yui and her 6 step-sisters glance at the boy is dark purple/black hair as his eyes is red behind his glasses, he is wearing a black uniform jacket buttoned up with a perfect tie, along with black pants and black dress shoes like a butler.

Reiji: "This is the entrance hall and this is meant to be used as a place to greet our guests and you should not hurt of this woman."

Reiji glare at his brother Ayato.

Ayato: "Tch.. whatever."

Ayato finally let go of Sayako. Sayako turn around as she hugged at her step-sister Yui when she patted her head.

Yui: "There, there, Sayako.."

Reiji glance at Yui and her 6 step-sisters.

Reiji: And you are?

Yui: "I-I'm Yui Komori, this is my step-sister Sayako Komori. Over there another my step-sisters name is Saiko, Sanako, Shuuko, Reiko and Sunaru Komori.

The black hair as her brown eyes same with her sister Sayako, so her name is Saiko Komori. The brown-ish hair as her dark blue eyes, her name is Sanako Komori. The brown hair as her red eyes just like Reiji, her name is Reiko Komori. The blonde hair as her light green-ish eyes, her name is Shuuko Komori. And the black hair as her light purple-ish eyes, her name is Sunaru Komori.

Reiji glance at Reiko, but then Reiko looks away from Reiji when she hear Reiji was smirked.

Yui: "Our father said we were both supposed to live here."

Reiji: "I heard nothing of the sort."

Reiji turned his attention toward at Ayato.

Reiji: "Ayato, explain it."

Ayato stared at his brother.

Ayato: "Eh? How should I know?"

He turned to look at the both of us with Yui and Sayako.

Ayato: "You two ever said anything about that, Pancake and Honey."

Yui: "That's because you attacked me out of nowhere- huh.. did you call us Pancake and Honey?"

Sayako: "W-Why are you calling me "Honey"! D-Damn you!?"

Reiko: "Sayako, calm down."

Reiko places her hand on her sister's shoulder when Sayako calm down.

Sayako: "S-Sorry.."

Reiko stroke her hair gentle with her hand when she say It's okay. Reiji look at Reiko gentle with his eyes.

Ayato evil smirked as Sayako glared at him.

Reiji: "This is strange."

Yui and her 6 step-sisters turned to look at him as he was deep in thought when his hand below his chin as he was thinking of it.

Reiji: "I wasn't informed of this..."

Yui: "Umm... just who are you people-"

Reiji: "We shouldn't talk here. So come with me." He said as he starts walking away.

Reiji: "See to their luggage was taking them away."

Reiko: "Huh?"

Yui and her 6 step-sisters was turn around as they saw the man was taking our luggage away.

Sayako: "Kyaa!"

Sayako accident bump attacked at Ayato.

Ayato: "Whoa there!"

Ayato hugged Sayako was calm down when he chuckle as he saw Sayako was feared. Yui and her 6 step-sisters sat down on the sofa as Ayato who followed us sat near us in the chair next to the sofa. He kept staring at Sayako, but... Sayako was looks away from Ayato because her cheeks turn beet red.

Reiji spoke up as broke of the silence.

Reiji: "Now, in the interest of formality, let us begin by having you two tell us about yourselves and how you both enter in this house."

Yui: "Um, right, we-"

Again... Yui cuts off about saying because someone was laughed.

???:"What have we here?"

Yui and her 6 step-sisters was look up at another boy has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips and green eyes just like his twin brother, Ayato. He has fair skin and is usually seen in a pose where he holds the tip of his hat as it looks like he is trying to pull it down. He has a slender figure and is often seen smirking. He has two piercings on the top of his left ear.

???: "Is it true? Is there really a cute little human girl and her friends here?"

The boy smirked, and suddenly he disappear, but... Saiko gasp because he licked her cheek softly, Saiko turn around as she hugged her step-sister Yui.

???: "Mmm, you smell so nice and sweet. Makes me almost curious if your brother does too."

Sanako: "S-Saiko."

Just then.. Sanako felt someone licked her ear.

Sanako: "Kyaa!"

Sanako buried her step-sister Yui's chest as she fear.

Yui: "T-There, there Sanako."

Yui patted her step-sister Sanako's head gentle with her hand. Sanako glance at the boy has light purple hair same with his eyes, he usually wears a black hoodie vest with a long-sleeved white shirt and red ribbon underneath. The vest's straps extend to his upper arms. He wears this attire with black shorts and red pants bearing a checkered pattern that reach above his knees. His hands are holding a teddy bear.

The light purple hair boy smiled.

???: "She does taste sweet as you say."

Sanako whimper as scared.

Reiji: "Now you two, don't you think that behavior is a little impolite to towards a lady and gentleman you have only just met?"

Reiji look at his 2 brothers.

The redd-ish brown boy with the hat sighed.

???: "What? But doesn't everyone want to taste something that looks yummy?"

He looked back at the light purple haired boy.

???: "Don't you, Kanato?"

Kanato nodded.

Kanato: "Yes."

Ayato: "Knock it off, Laito and Kanato!"

Then Ayato looked at Sayako when he evil grin at her.

Ayato: "She is really yours truly and she's will belong to me of my honey."

Sayako: "S-Stop calling me!?"

???: "Lame... I'm so sick of you calling yourself Yours Truly."

Ayato got up from his seat and looked around in the room.

Ayato: "Tch.. damn you! I know that's you, Subaru. Show yourself!"

Yui and her 6 step-sisters was looked around, but...

Subaru: "Over here."

Yui and her 6 step-sisters looked at the boy was leaned against the wall. He has white hair - though it is often shown to be a light silvery color with pinkish tips - and blood red eyes, his bangs are parted to the right, covering his eye. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket with a red shirt underneath which has a brown belt around it. The ends of the red shirt appear to be ripped/shredded. He also wears black jeans and a necklace that is wrapped twice around his neck with a golden or bronze colored key on it.

Subaru: "I thought it smelled like human in here. So, it was you all girls."

Subaru glared at Yui and her 6 step-sisters.

Subaru: "How dare you interrupt my precious sleep?"

Subaru: "Huh!?"

As suddenly he hit the wall next to him left a big crack bigger than his fist. Sayako and her 5 sisters was scream as frighten.

Ayato: "Honey!"

Ayato pulled Sayako's arm close to him when he embrace to her.

Sayako: "…!?"

Reiji push up his glasses.

Reiji: "Has anyone been told anything about these 7 girls who has come here to live with us?"

No one answered, because Yui and her 5 step-sisters looked at each other, as then got up and start walking towards Reiji.

Yui: "Excuse us! I think is some kind of misunderstanding, so we'll be on our way!"

Saiko grabbed her sister Sayako to pulled away from Ayato as then Yui and her 6 step-sisters to walk away.

???: "Are you girls with the step-sisters as mentioned?"

Shuuko: "Ah."

Yui and her 6 step-sisters hear the another voice.

Ayato stared at Sayako in shock.

Ayato: "You're... Yui's 6 step-sisters!?"

Sayako panicked.

Sayako: "O-Of course we are!?"

Yui and her 6 step-sisters looked at the another boy was laying on the sofa. He has slightly curled, blonde hair as well as light ocean blue eyes. He has black studs on both of his ears. He is always seen with his MP3 player attached to a wire that which is wrapped around his neck and with the earphones always in his ears. He usually wears a light blue sweater over a dark blue shirt with dark pants.

Reiji: "Shu, do you know something about these 7 girls?"

Shu: "Maybe..."

Kanato: "Don't "maybe" me. I would like an explanation."

Kanato said in an irritating voice.

Shu: "That guy... contacted me the other day."

Shu looked at his brothers as he starts explaining everything for Yui's 6 step-sisters.

Shu: "He said, 'We have guests arriving from the church, so treat the 6 sisters with respect.'"

Subaru: "What?"

Ayato: "Are you telling us about that 6 girls here are the prospective brides?"

Sayako & 5 Sisters: "Eh!?"

Sayako and her 5 sisters looked at each other which mean Yui was try to calm her 6 step-sisters.

Laito: "Oh, is that all?"

Kanato: "More like sacrifices than brides."

Shu was open his eyes.

Shu: "Oh, right... and he also mentioned not to kill them."

Ayato: "Really? That means we're going to have a very long relationship with these 6 girls."

Reiji turn to look at Yui and her 6 step-sisters.

Reiji: "It appears there is no misunderstanding, so allow us to introduce ourselves."

Reiji: "This is the first eldest son, Shu."

Shu: "….."

He didn't answer, because close his eyes and he listen to his music.

Reiji: "I am the second son, Reiji."

Reiji: "This is the fifth son, Ayato."

Ayato: "You won't get away next time, Honey."

Sayako hide behind with her step-sister Yui.

Reiji: "The fourth son, Kanato."

Kanato smiled and tilt his head to the side.

Kanato: "Please let me sample you again sometime. Or maybe for you, cutie..."

Sanako clings her sister Sayako's arm gentle with her hands.

Reiji: "The third son, Laito."

Laito smiled and winked at Saiko

Laito: "Pleased to meet you, Babe."

Saiko frightened at him.

Reiji: "And the last son, Subaru."

Subaru scoff and looked away at Sunaru.

Subaru: "What a waste of time."

So they're all... brothers? He didn't say Laito or Kanato as the fourth and third son.
Could they and Ayato be triplets?

Sayako: "They'll.. look weird.. c-can we go, Yui!"

Yui: "I-It's okay, I'll contact our father.."

Yui said, but Ayato got Yui's cell phone was waving.

Yui: "H-Hey give it back!?"

Yui run at Ayato was she reach to get her cell phone, but Ayato lift back his hand away from Yui, just then suddenly Subaru grabbed Yui's phone away from Ayato.

Yui: "W-What are you doing!?"

Subaru frowned. "What am I doing? About this...." He crushed Yui's phone to pieces in his bare hands!

Yui widen her eyes.

Yui: "H-How could you.."

Subaru: "Get lost.."

Sunaru: "Damn you!?"

Sunaru approach at Subaru when she punches his cheek hard with her fist.

Subaru: "…"

Reiko: "Sunaru!?"

Reiko grabbed Sunaru's arm when she pulled her back to her sisters, of course Sunaru was glared at Subaru.

Saiko: "C-Calm down, Sunaru."

Sunaru: "Tch.."

Sunaru was calm down when she looks away from Subaru.

Laito: "There, there, Babe."

Saiko felt Laito's hand on her right shoulder, she look at it... it was Laito.

Laito: "You and your sister about to become very good Yui's step-sister with us, so you don't need your silly old cell phone. Right?"

Sanako felt another hand on her shoulder this time it was Kanato's.

Kanato: "I've actually been feeling kind of peckish."

Laito: "Tell me about it."

Laito leaned down towards Saiko's ear.

Laito: "You are good smell so very delicious, Babe."

Sanako: "Saiko!"

Sanako pushed Kanato's hand away with her hand when she grabbed Saiko's arm and pulled her away from Laito.

Sayako: "C-Can we get out of here, Yui!?"

Yui: "C-Calm down, let's go- Ah!?"

Reiko: "Yui!?"

Yui: "Oww.."

Reiko: "Oh god.. your bleeding, Yui."

Reiko hear Saiko gasped.

Reiko: "Saiko, what's the matter?"

Saiko: "L-Look.."

Saiko trembling her finger point at those boys when Reiko turn her head as she look at them as she widen her eyes, their teeth showing out of their open mouth that are hungrily of it. But of course... they're vampire.

Reiko: "I-It can't be..."

Yui pulled out her necklace which was a cross. She held it in front of us like a shield because she protecting her precious her 6 step-sisters.

Yui: "Take this!"

But.. nothing happened, except Shu laugh at this, Yui and her 6 step-sisters stared at them in shock.

Reiji: "Honestly."

Reiji sat down in a chair and fold his arms across his chest.

Shu: "By the way..."

Shu looked at Yui's 6 step-sisters when they felt scared.

Shu: "Yui.. I want you to choose your step-sister to become a bride and who goes to sleep with..?"

Sayako & 5 sisters: "What.."

Yui: "Sayako... step-sisters.. it's okay.."

Yui turn around and look at her step-sister when she smiled, but.. Yui's 6 step-sisters nodded their head.

Yui: "Who are you go sleep with from my step-sisters?"
Sakamaki Prologue
Prologue: (Here)

Ayato Sakamaki Route (It's up)

Laito Sakamaki Route (Coming Soon)

Kanato Sakamaki Route (Coming Soon)

Reiji Sakamaki Route (Coming Soon)

Shu Sakamaki Route (Coming Soon)

Subaru Sakamaki Route (Coming Soon)

My Oc is Sayako, Saiko, Sanako, Reiko, Shuuko and Sunaru Komori with her step-sister Yui. Hope you like it... Comment please about "When" and I'll answer back.
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Sakamaki Prologue

Ayato Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Sayako Komori) ((It's out))

Laito Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Saiko Komori) ((Coming soon))

Kanato Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Sanako Komori) ((Coming soon))

Shu Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Shuuko Komori) ((Coming soon))

Reiji Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Reiko Komori) ((Coming soon))

Subaru Sakamaki Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Sunaru Komori) ((Coming soon))

Mukami Prologue

Ruki Mukami Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Suki Komori) ((Coming soon))

Kou Mukami Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Kyou Komori) ((Coming soon))

Yuma Mukami Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Yumiko Komori) ((Coming soon))

Azusa Mukami Route Episode 1-18, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Azuka Komori) ((Coming soon))

Tsukinami Prologue

Carla Tsukinami Route Episode 1-16, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Karla Komori) ((Coming Soon))

Shin Tsukinami Route Episode 1-16, Epilogue 1-2 (My OC: Shinako Komori) ((Coming soon))

Please patients <3


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